Why Essential Oils!?

by Michelle Brasher June 19, 2018

Why Essential Oils!?

Six years ago this month, began a journey into wellness. 

For as long as I can remember I wanted a home birth. The idea of birthing a baby in the comfort of my home was a dream. When I found out I was pregnant with our third child I knew that this was my opportunity for redemption from the trauma I experienced with my first labor. 

My midwife sent me a list of items I needed to get to prepare for the birth. Two things on the list I had never used before. Tea tree and Lavender. To be honest I had NO idea what these were, but I trusted my midwife and began to research the benefits of Essential Oils. I quickly discovered Young Living and the company's values aligned with my own. 

After birth I did exactly as my midwife had instructed. I made a spray with these oils and lovingly dubbed this my "vajay spray" It wasn't only soothing but my healing was much faster this time around. 

At this time I wasn't exactly hippie status. I still used Bath & Body wall plug ins and unnatural body products. Since I had been introduced to oils as a method to "treat" I wasn't using the oils to prevent. This is something I discovered over time and my real aha moment was when my 2 year old fell very ill. 

He was hospitalized for a very rare bacterial infection that was taking over the back of his throat and in a matter of minutes caused him to not be able to speak because his air supply was being cut off.

Jaylin was always putting his fingers in his mouth, picking at his lip and seemed to always be getting sick as a result.

This particular instance he came down with a fever and cold symptoms. His pediatrician at the time did not find anything and told me to rotate Tylenol and Motrin. A couple days later with a second opinion it was the same thing. Rotate Tylenol and Motrin.

Each day we would do that and get false hope. He would appear to be back to normal and we would think he was all better only for one of the quick fixes to wear off and again he had a fever.

The morning this picture was taken I was getting him dressed and noticed a HUGE mass on the back of his neck. We rushed him to the Emergency Room terrified.

Since that hospital stay I made it my mission to learn as much as possible about health & wellness. I didn't want to ever experience a preventable hospital stay again. I learned the power in listening to our body when we have symptoms instead of masking them, and how our body has an incredible ability to heal itself when we take care of it properly.

Young Living was our gateway to Wellness and I'm forever grateful. We are the most healthy we have ever been since we started using Essential Oils with purpose, getting serious about healthy eating, and replacing all the toxic chemicals in our home with natural immune boosting products.
We use Young Living Essential Oils and products for so many things. My favorite thing to use Oils for is to support my emotions and hormones. We use them when the kids have an "Owie" and even for seasonal changes.  It still blows my mind all the things they can do and the miraculous science behind them. Each month we get a "Wellness Box' delivered right to our door. Like Amazon but healthier! Body products, makeup, baby products, supplements, and even laundry detergent (NO more tide pods)!!! I love knowing that every single product in our home is safe. 
Our cabinets look so much different now. Instead of things that mask symptoms you will find oils that support our bodies natural response to fever and illness. Instead of the toxic plug ins I have beautiful diffusers all over the house and it always smells like a spa. No more headaches from fake fragrances. 
The way I recommend getting started and how we got started was with the Premium Starter kit.
This kit also makes you a wholesale member giving you 24% off everything, always. This is extremely helpful when you want to jump on the wellness journey and little by little replace items in your home! 

The starter kit comes with:
-11 of the best Everyday Essential Oils 
-A diffuser of your choice (I personally LOVE the Desert Mist thats pictured above)
-Sample packets of Ningxia Red (Our favorite antioxidant drink)
-Cute little glass bottles to throw in your purse or share with friends
-Learning resources

You can grab your starter kit and join our Be Inspired Oily Team Here.

Once you've checked out, Email me at michelle@beinspiredboutique.com.

I will be adding you to our members only groups on FB with tons of oily education and FUN and gifting you $25 cash back. 

I'm SO excited for you to jump on this journey with us. 





Michelle Brasher
Michelle Brasher


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